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WATTS Overview

SiteSpect’s Web Analytics Tag Transformation and Segmentation (WATTS™) feature allows you to dynamically insert tracking information about website visitors into tracking tags used by all major web analytics programs. The tracking information includes data on various SiteSpect components including Visits, Campaigns, viewed Variations, and more. Using WATTS, you can view, segment, and analyze SiteSpect Campaign data within a third-party web analytics program.

WATTS uses SiteSpect's Site Variations feature, which allows you to create Variations that run independently of Campaigns. As such, you can define a WATTS Site Variation that you can then apply to:

  • every page shown to every visitor to your site regardless of whether or not the visitor is assigned to a Campaign
  • a subset of your pages that is served to specific segments of your visitors

Learn how to build a WATTS integration:

Check out the following integration documents:

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