WATTS Site Variations contain special macros that you can use in the Replacement Text field. The SiteSpect engine expands them into special dynamic values. Macros always start and end with two underscores "__" and in many cases contain additional values within curly braces "{}".

Depending on the specific macros, replacement values may include strings, integers, and floating points. In cases where names are involved (i.e., Campaigns, Metrics, Factors, and Variations), the string values are cleaned, meaning that non-alphanumeric characters (characters other than a-z and 0-9) are translated to underscores "_" to avoid conflicts with JavaScript code and other restricted characters used by web analytics systems. For example, if a Metric is named "Checkout – step 1 (billing)," the cleaned text appears as "Checkout___step_1__billing_".

In addition, the macros allow you to specify a delimiter; we recommend using periods ("."), colons (":"), and commas (",") as delimiters.

Several different sets of macros are available: