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SiteSpect's A/B Campaign Builder

The A/B Campaign Builder includes the ability to create Variations right on the page as well as access to SiteSpect's Visual Editor. You start by creating a Campaign, defining Variations within that Campaign, and including Metrics and Audiences that you have created prior to building this Campaign. This method allows you to create a Campaign first and build its components as you go. It does not require that you create components in any specific order. Build what makes sense to you in the order you prefer. You can save your work as you go and come back later to finish a Campaign you've started. In addition, you can build, add, or remove Variations all on the same page, without the need to link.

Check out the following topics to learn more about the A/B Campaign Builder:


We've put together the following examples so that you can see how the A/B Campaign Builder works in some common scenarios.

A/B Campaign Builder

To launch the A/B Campaign Builder, select New then A/B Campaign:

SiteSpects AB Campaign Builder - AB Campaign Builder