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Campaign Sets

Campaign Set is a collection of Campaigns that shares properties that determine how users are assigned to Campaigns. Campaign Sets are sometimes referred to as Sets. Each Set controls if users may be assigned to more than one Campaign within the Set at a time. Sets that allow users to be assigned to multiple Campaigns simultaneously are referred to as Overlay Sets.

There are two default Sets (Experiments and Personalization) within SiteSpect and others (Origin Experiments, Engine API) that are available when specific features are enabled.

  • The Experiments Set allows users to be assigned to only one of the Experiment Campaigns within the Set at a time. The overlay setting for this Set cannot be modified.
  • The Personalization and Engine API Sets allow users to be assigned to multiple Campaigns simultaneously. The overlay setting for these Sets cannot be modified.
  • The Origin Experiments Set defaults to allowing users to be assigned to only one Origin Experiment Campaign at a time. The overlay setting for this Set can be modified by SiteSpect support to allow users to be assigned to multiple Origin Experiment Campaigns simultaneously. This Set is present only when the Origin Experiments feature is enabled.

To create a new Campaign within a specific Campaign Set, click the Create Campaign button to the right of the Set name.

Note: Users are considered for assignment to Campaigns in any Set unless otherwise restricted using Audiences. The overlay setting affects assignment only within the Set. For example, a user may be assigned to a single Experiment because the Experiment Set does not allow overlay Campaigns. That same user may also be assigned to multiple Personalization Campaigns because the Personalization Set allows overlay Campaigns. This means that each user may be in one or more Campaigns per Set.

Import Campaign Sets

When you import a Campaign, it is initially listed in the special Import Set on the Campaign List page. You cannot run Campaigns from the Import Set; you must move them into another Set first. When all of the Campaigns in the Import Set are moved to other Sets, SiteSpect removes the Import Set from the Campaign List page.

Custom Campaign Sets

SiteSpect can support additional customized Sets that allow you to further subdivide your existing Sets. For each additional Set, users are potentially assigned to more Campaigns simultaneously. Contact the Help Desk via phone (+1-844-859-1900) or email (helpdesk@sitespect.com) for assistance with custom Campaign Sets.


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