Assignment Rules Visualization

Assignment is the mechanism SiteSpect uses to grant users access to an experiment and these can be controlled through a set of inputs.


  • Determine whether a user is eligible for a campaign
  • Evaluated only once, on the first request of a visit


  • Only report on data from users who experienced the changes (or control where changes were made)
  • Counting occurs when the campaign’s variation triggers match
  • Which determines whether the user’s visit will be included in the campaign’s reporting
  • Once a user is counted in a campaign, all subsequent visits for that user will be included in the campaign’s reporting

Audience Evaluation & Counting rules apply to new assignments only

  • Once a user is assigned to and counted in a campaign, that user will continue to be assigned to that campaign for all subsequent visits.

Below is a visualization of how users can be included or excluded from assignment to experiments through the use of audiences and how a users behavior can impact if they are counted and reported against within their assigned campaign.

The full PDF version of Assignment Rules.

1: Compare campaign audiences to each user’s attributes

1.1 - Help - Assignment Rules

2: Audiences determine if a user is eligible to be assigned to a campaign

1.2 - Help - Assignment Rules

3: Once assigned, track the user’s behavior during the visit. Apply changes (or control) when triggers match.

1.3 - Help - Assignment Rules

4: At end of visit, determine if a user saw changes and should be counted.

1.4 - Help - Assignment Rules


Some useful Visualizations to support this topic can be found below: