What is OmniChannel?

In today’s retail world buyers often start their purchasing journey in one place and on one device. They research products and services, make comparisons, read reviews, and more. But, by time they click the Buy Now button, they are usually on a different device and in a different place. This is where OmniChannel can help.

The term OmniChannel describes how businesses provide a seamless experience for their customers regardless of channel or device such as: a physical store, a website, a mobile app, a catalog, or even other forms of social media. A prerequisite for any OmniChannel strategy is to accurately identify and track authenticated users. The best way to do that today is through user validation and logging in. However, we can identify returning users who have been authenticated once before on the web server. This methodology uses a cookie that is initially set by the server to identify returning customers using a wide variety of platforms and devices. Without a mechanism for accurate user identification, your OmniChannel testing plan cannot ensure continuity in the user experience across all channels.

SiteSpect's OmniChannel feature allows you to provide just such a consistent experience across multiple devices. To do this, SiteSpect places the visitor in the same Variation Group, regardless of which device the visitor uses to access your site. This ensures that the visitor has the same experience on a phone, laptop, or tablet. In addition, it means that your reporting is consistent: you know who is using your website and from what devices.

Examples of OmniChannel in action:

  • The visitor connects to your site from two different computers (a desktop and a laptop) and a tablet. The visitor is placed into all the same Campaigns and Variation Groups regardless of which device accesses the site.
  • A visitor connects to a standard internet site from a laptop and a mobile site from an iPhone. If the visitor is placed into a Variation Group on the standard website, SiteSpect places that visitor into a corresponding Variation Group on the mobile site.

There are three main OmniChannel tasks in SiteSpect: