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Enabling OmniChannel for a Site

Note: This step requires admin-level privileges. Contact an admin in your organization or contact the SiteSpect Help Desk at helpdesk@sitespect.com or +1-844-859-1900.

When you turn on OmniChannel, SiteSpect is able to identify a visitor using the OmniChannel Cookie across multiple devices or websites. Once you turn it on, you must then enable it for each Campaign in which you want to use it. To turn on OmniChannel Tracking:

  1. Follow the instructions at Turning on Features at the Site Level and select Enable OmniChannel.
  2. Set the OmniChannel Cookie Name on the same page. The cookie stores information about visitors and their devices.
  3. Optionally, select OmniChannel Assignment Override.

OmniChannel Assignment Override

The OmniChannel Assignment Override determines when OmniChannel assignment kicks in: does it reassign on the next visit or the next page view. Assuming the visitor was assigned to a Variation Group during a previous visit and that SiteSpect recognizes the visitor during a subsequent visit:

  • Selected: SiteSpect overrides the visitor's assignment and reassigns the visitor on the next page view.
  • Unselected: SiteSpect overrides the visitor's assignment and reassigns the visitor on the next visit/session.


A visitor logs in to their favorite website for shoes at the office and is assigned to a SiteSpect Variation Group. That visitor sees a specific experience.

The visitor goes home and visits the same website, but doesn't log in. SiteSpect does not know it's the same visitor and shows them a different experience. Then the visitor logs in to the website. Now SiteSpect recognizes the visitor. What the visitor sees next depends on the setting for OmniChannel Assignment Override.

  • If Override is selected, SiteSpect overrides the visitor's current assignment on the next page view and reassigns them to the Variation Group they were in when at the office.
  • If Override is not selected, SiteSpect overrides their current assignment upon their next visit.