Turning on SiteSpect Features

Access to New Features

We are developing new features all the time. To minimize disruption to your system and Campaigns, we do not always release new features to all customers at the same time. Some of them we share with you right away; some require some setup that we need to work on together. As such, the following lists tell you which features are turned on for all customers automatically and which ones the SiteSpect Help Desk can turn on for you.

The following features are turned on by default. This means that they will be on by default when you create a new Site. For existing Sites, you must turn them on individually.

  • Personalization
  • Origin Experiments
  • Dashboard & Top Segments
  • Alerts
  • Visual Editor
  • Client-side WATTS

The following features are off by default:

  • Site Performance
  • Disablement Details
  • Custom Variables
  • OmniChannel
  • Engine API
  • Report Sampling
  • JS Error Tracking
Note: To turn on a feature, contact the SiteSpect Help Desk at helpdesk@sitespect.com.