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Enabling OmniChannel for a Campaign

OmniChannel supports a way to provide a consistent experience across devices

SiteSpect's OmniChannel requires a cookie that is unique to each user. This is typically generated with a login event, but can be extracted from another location such as a data layer and then a cookie created. The feature supports two objectives:

  • The ability to provide a consistent experience across multiple devices when split testing.
    • For example, this means that if an identified user gets assigned to Variation Group "Display Banner - Bright Color Treatment" on one visit, and then later the same user visits on another device and gets assigned to the Variation Group "Control". On the next page view (or next visit, depending on your configuration setting) after the OmniChannel cookie is identified, the user will be put into the "Display Banner - Bright Color Treatment" variation group.
  • The ability to easily group all users with visits from multiple devices (visits that would otherwise be considered separate) using the OmniChannel segmentation within your reports.

To enable OmniChannel for a campaign:

  1. Select the three-dot menu located at the upper right of the Campaign Builder page and select Advanced Settings.

  2. Check the box to enable OmniChannel for that specific Campaign.

To preserve the experience for all users across devices, OmniChannel must be enabled prior to setting a campaign live, and cannot be turned off mid-campaign. Variation groups cannot be added, removed, or turned off when OmniChannel is enabled.

When OmniChannel is enabled for a Campaign, the Assignment Frequency for that campaign will default to 100 (all traffic). This enables alternate devices to be assigned the correct campaigns and variation groups as previous devices.

Note: If the OmniChannel option is not shown in the Advanced Settings modal, please work with your account representative to enable this feature at the site level first.