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Enabling OmniChannel for a Campaign

SiteSpect's OmniChannel feature allows you to provide a consistent experience across multiple devices. To do this, SiteSpect places the visitor in the same Variation Group—regardless of which device he/she is using—so that he/she has the same experience on a phone, laptop, or tablet. In addition, it allows you to understand how a consistent experience across devices affects your Key Performance Indicators.

For OmniChannel to work, a person with administrative permissions must first turn it on. Contact the SiteSpect Help Desk at helpdesk@sitespect.com or +1-844-859-1900 for more information.

The OmniChannel feature is off by default for each Campaign. You must enable it before tracking can begin. To enable OmniChannel for a Campaign, select Enable OmniChannel for this Campaign on the Name and Status tab of the Campaign. This feature does not appear on the tab until OmniChannel is enabled for your Site.

Once OmniChannel is enabled for a Campaign, SiteSpect identifies a visitor assigned to the Campaign across multiple devices or websites using the OmniChannel Cookie. In any one non-overlay Campaign Set, only one Campaign can be set to Enable OmniChannel. In Overlay Campaign Sets, more than one Campaign can be set to Enable OmniChannel.

Note: Campaigns that exist before you turn on OmniChannel for the Site cannot use OmniChannel. You must create a new Campaign after OmniChannel is turned on in order to use it.