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Implementation vs Integration

Sharing data from SiteSpect to your third party applications or pushing Metrics into SiteSpect


Traffic flows through SiteSpect.

Setup is similar to a CDN. There are no specific requirements based on a technology running on the origin; it doesn't matter to SiteSpect.


Data is shared from or to SiteSpect (prerequisite - SiteSpect is implemented).

  • Third party integrations: Data, such as Campaign ID and Variation Group ID, are made available to and pushed out to a third party application. An example is Google Analytics. SiteSpect WATTS is used for this purpose. SiteSpect can be configured to integrate with nearly any third party client side application.
  • Sending metric data: Metric data can be pushed into SiteSpect using Engine API, which is an endpoint for SiteSpect that supports sending Metrics programmatically.
  • Export Campaign data: Campaign data can be exported at will and also can be programmatically automated using the Admin API.