WATTS Examples

The objective of the following examples is to allow you to segment data by inserting SiteSpect Campaign data into web analytics platforms.

Use SiteSpect WATTS macros to declare a script object that can be used to send data to an analytics platform

Step 1: Create a Site Variation that declares the object, e.g.

var ss_watts={"ssMeta":"__SS_GUID__;__SS_ISHUMAN__","ssAssigned":"__SS_LISTCAMPAIGN{__SS_VGID__}{;}__","ssCounted":"__SS_LISTCAMPAIGNCOUNTED{__SS_VGID__}{;}__","ssApplied":"__SS_LISTVAR{__SS_VGID__=__SS_VID__}{;}__"};

note: set the advanced option to Test traffic only (regardless of whether user is counted or not)

This object contains data for the user, campaign assignment, campaign counted, and page application. However the most common macros used is SS_LISTCAMPAIGNCOUNTED. The above example shows the use of more comprehensive data that may be valuable depending on data needs. The format and delimiters of this data is completely configurable. This object can be set up on the page even if your integration is not ready yet or in use.


Step 2: The data can then be "picked up" by the third party application using SiteSpect in the page source or referenced inside the third party application using the ss_watts object. Or sent using additional code for the third party application, e.g.



heap.track('SiteSpect', ss_watts);


We recommend that you coordinate with your web analytics vendor and the SiteSpect Help Desk to review and ensure your setup works as expected. Contact the SiteSpect Help Desk by phone (+1-844-859-1900) or email (helpdesk@sitespect.com) for more information.