Tracking All Visitors vs. Tracking Counted Visitors

SiteSpect can assign eligible visitors to:

  • One Campaign per Set, if that Set is not an Overlay Set
  • More than one Campaign per Set, if that Set is an Overlay Set

In addition, not all visitors assigned to a Campaign are counted in SiteSpect Reports. SiteSpect Reports reveal only visitors who trigger counting and who pass all enabled robot-filtering checks. Visitors trigger counting by matching a Campaign Factor. When a visitor is counted during her first session, that visitor is counted for all future sessions within that same Campaign. If the visitor is not counted during that first session, SiteSpect ignores that assignment. The uncounted visitor may or may not be assigned to the Campaign again in future sessions, but if the visitor is, that visit is considered the visitor's first session for this Campaign.

You can differentiate between the visitors who are counted and the visitors who are not counted by including __SS_UVISITASMTCOUNTED__ in the __SS_LISTCAMPAIGN macro. To include only Campaign data in which the visitor is counted, use the __SS_LISTCAMPAIGNCOUNTED macro. Note that the analytics tags do not include WATTS data for page views that occur before the visitor is counted.

For assistance with more advanced scenarios in which you want to track visitors only once per visit or only once they have performed a specified action, contact the SiteSpect Help Desk by phone (+1-844-859-1900) or email (