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Typical WATTS Use Case

Use a Site Variation with WATTS macros to place SiteSpect data about a visitor on the page so that it can be picked up by third party analytics solutions. Most commonly, this involves passing the Campaign ID and Variation Group ID of visitors that are counted in Campaigns. In addition, you can add a prefix such as SS so that you will be able to find your macro data more easily in your analytics product. To pass only counted data, use the WATTS macro __SS_LISTCAMPAIGNCOUNTED:


The prefix is SS. The delimiters are a colon between the Campaign ID and the Variation Group ID and a comma between each Campaign in which the visitor is assigned and counted. This results in a replacement such as the following:


You can also track all visits, counted or not, using the __SS_LISTCAMPAIGN macro. We recommend adding __SS_UVISITASMTCOUNTED__ to identify which visits are included in the reports: