Sitespect and SEO

It is possible to use SiteSpect to impact SEO with some minor configuration changes in your account setup. If this is of interest we recommend you reach out to your SiteSpect Consultant, Account Manager or to explore the required steps.


By default SiteSpect will exclude search engine bots such as Googlebot from any changes it applies to your site. This is possible since these bots identify themselves clearly via their user agent and this enables SiteSpect to place them on our passthrough list.


To revert this change the high level steps are as follow:

    • Googlebot (and or other specific bot) need to be removed from our passthrough list.
    • Googlebot is then set up as an user agent audience criteria and set to be a default exclusion for all campaigns.
    • Experiments are conducted to determine conversion improvement between control and variation groups with Googlebot/other bots excluded via the audience criteria.
    • When a winning variation group is found the campaign can be promoted to all traffic which creates a copy of the campaign with the Variation Group @ 100%.
    • This winning campaign with a single Variation Group can then be set active without the Googlebot/other bots audience exclusion criteria which will allow Google/Bing/Yahoo/other to crawl the experience.
    • Measurement is typically conducted in a customer's SEO tools over a matter of 3-4 weeks to evaluate the winners impact on SEO rankings.