Types of Audiences

The following table lists the types of Audiences available in SiteSpect.

Concurrent Assignment Assignment to a specified Campaign Set or a specific group of Campaigns.
Cookie Value
The Value of the user's browser cookie, including look-ups into a Data Set
Custom Variable A custom text value that the user must have hit during a previous visit.
Entry Page Source Source elements on the web page where the user enters the site.
Entry URL The URL of a web page where the user entered the site (i.e., landing page URL).
Entry or Referring URL An evaluation of ENTRYURL or HTTP_REFERER. If one matches, the Audience matches.
HTTP Header Value An HTTP request header (from the client) or a response header (from the origin).
Mobile Device Mobile device identification and capabilities, including screen size and keyboard type.
Previous Assignment The user's previous assignment to other Campaigns Sets or Campaigns.
Referring URL The URL of a web page that referred user to the site (e.g., a search engine referral).
SiteSpect User GUID The user's SiteSpect User GUID from a specified Data Set.
Time The time of the user's visit by day of the week or time of day.
URL Parameter CGI name/value parameter of the web page where the user entered the site (i.e., landing page parameter).
User Agent The user's browser type or computer OS/platform. Character limit is approximately 2000.
User's IP Address The user's IP address or IP name.
User's Preferred Language The language the user prefers, from a list of available languages.
Visit History The details of a user's previous visits, such as recency and frequency.
Visited URL The URL of a web page that the user browses to within their visit. Specifies the URL where users are assigned to the Campaign. By default, SiteSpect assigns users on the first page of their visit. Using the Visited URL Audience, you can delay assignment until users visit a particular page within your Site.
Visitor Behavior Details of a visitor's previous Metric hits, such as recency and frequency.