Governance in a decentralized environment

There are several considerations that can help when deploying SiteSpect in a decentralized organization

  1. Naming Conventions and use of tagging
  2. Grouping of domains in a configuration
  3. Control Panel Permission levels

1. Naming Conventions

Use consistent naming conventions

<YYYY.MM> <"Line of Business” or “Site Area"> – <"Descriptive Title"> <version#> <CMS ID>

e.g. "2021.09 PLP - Item Photos Update, v2, Jira#12345"
  • Enables good sorting and easy searching on keywords
  • Custom tags can be useful especially if used consistently
  • Objects (such as Metrics and Audiences) that are tied to a specific campaign (specific and not generic for reuse) should be naming including a date for easy identification for archiving
  • Objects that are reused don’t need a date in the name since the name implies a more general library item
  • Naming and organization becomes more important the more people are using SiteSpect
  • Optionally create a separate Campaign Set to support each group or line of business doing testing. Sets can help support organization and show visual grouping of Campaigns. *Multiple Overlay Sets will not impact assignment logic.
  • It can be helpful to have a person in the role of testing manager that review SiteSpect Campaigns and objects as a whole
  • When sharing a Campaign with another team member, ensure that the link to the Campaign is used verses using a name or partial name. This greatly reduces mistakes with referring to the incorrect Campaign or Object.

2. Grouping domains in a configuration

3. Control Panel Permission levels