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Campaign Components

You create MVT Campaigns using a collection of SiteSpect components. When you build a Campaign, you add those components to a Campaign. In addition, you establish a number of settings that determine how that Campaign is to run. Before you create a Campaign, create these components:

  • Metrics – Describe a specific user behavior that you are trying to affect and measure such as a page view or a button click. At least one Metric is required for each Campaign.
  • Audiences – Describe which visitors to your website are assigned to a Campaign. A basic set of Audiences is created by default during Site configuration; you may want to create others. Campaigns do not require Audiences; however, you can use them if you want to limit which users are eligible for the Campaign.
  • Factors – Determine the components on your website that you want to test for change. The components themselves are the Factors and the changes you want to test are the Variations. At least one Factor and one Variation are required for each Campaign.
  • Page Categories –Page Categories allow you to use the Triggers associated with pages to specify where you want to make changes.
  • Global Variations – A Global Variation is a type of change that applies to either all visitors to your Site or all visitors to a specified Campaign.