About the Dashboard

SiteSpect's Dashboard allows you to view at a high level the status of several areas pertaining to the performance of your Campaigns and your Site. The Dashboard is broken up into these main pages:

  • Overview – Displays alerts, Site traffic, Campaign pipeline, and active and recently ended Campaigns with results.
  • Campaign Performance – Displays graphs and data on the top five Variation Groups for each Campaign of the selected Status.
  • ROI Report – Displays information on how your investment in SiteSpect is paying off.
  • Site Performance – Displays traffic data collected from your benchmarked access logs.
Note: To see the Dashboard, Enable Dashboard & Top Segments must be selected. In addition, to see data in the Alerts section of the Overview page, Enable Alerts must be selected. Both features are controlled by Admin settings. Contact the SiteSpect Help Desk at helpdesk@sitespect.com or +1-844-859-1900 for more information.