When visit happens, and a user may get assigned to one or multiple campaigns. If the user gets counted into a campaign, the visit will now be considered to be part of the reporting for that campaign.

A visit is defined as a group of interactions made by a user within a given time frame on your website. These interactions could be page views, events, forms submitted, API calls, etc. By default, a visit ends after 30 minutes of inactivity.

In the context of an Engine API campaign, interactions are made using Engine API calls.

When looking at results from a campaign, SiteSpect only reports on visits made by users counted in the campaign. Read more about how counting works.

Note: SiteSpect maintains an active visit for as long as the timeout has not been reached. If a users leaves a website and comes back later via a different traffic source, the visit will still be considered active for as long as the timeout has not been reached. However if that same user comes back to the website after the timeout occurs, that user will be placed in a new visit.