Creating User Accounts

How can I create SiteSpect User Accounts?

In order to create user accounts in SiteSpect you will need to have the Manage User feature enabled. This permission is controlled using a check box on the System Privileges tab. Keep the following in mind:

  • Only users with System Administrator privileges may grant Manage Users permission.
  • Only users with System Administrator, Site Administrator, or Campaign Administrator may be granted Manage Users permission.

Steps to create a SiteSpect User Account:

  1. Select System > Users in the left hand navigation.
  2. In the User List confirm the account does not exist. The user list defaults to Enabled User Accounts but you should update this to All User Accounts using the dropdown to the top left above the table.
  3. If the user does not exist proceed to the next step by selecting the New CTA button above the User List table.
  4. Complete the information presented on the Password & Contact Info tab.
  5. Provide the relevant privilege levels to each site for the user on the Site Access tab (levels outlined below).
  6. Click the Save CTA button to create the user. The page page will reload to confirm success.
  7. Once saved the user will be emailed a set of instructions to access SiteSpect. This will include a link to the portal/UI, the user name and a temporary password (expires after 3 days). 
  8. We recommend you email the user(s) in question to confirm account creation and to ask them to check their email inbox / spam folder to confirm receipt and login to finalize the account process.

Privilege Levels:

  • Campaign Auditor: View-only access.
  • Campaign Associate: Can create and edit inactive Metrics, Factors, Audiences, and Campaigns. Cannot activate or delete any elements. Can only view segments.
  • Campaign Compliance: Can create and edit Metrics, Factors, and Audiences. Cannot delete any elements. Can only view segments.
  • Campaign Manager: Can create and edit Metrics, Factors, Audiences, Campaigns and Segments.
  • Campaign Builder: Can create SiteSpect components. Can edit and delete components as long as they are not associated with live traffic.
  • Campaign Administrator: Can create and edit anything and delete elements. Can use import and export.