Specifying Frequency for a Campaign

Typically, you set the Frequency while creating a Campaign, but you can edit it at any time.

Consider the following when setting the Frequency:

  • Prevent an active Campaign from accepting any new assignments by setting its Frequency to 0.
  • If one of your Campaigns is assigning users too quickly and you want to keep more traffic available for other Campaigns, you can down-weight the Frequency to allow SiteSpect to assign users more slowly and run the Campaign over a longer period of time.
  • Evenly distribute user assignments across all your Campaigns by leaving the Frequency set to 100, which is the default setting for all Campaigns.
  • Plan how to distribute assignments by establishing percentages of users to be assigned to your different Campaigns, then use the instructions in the topic called Adjusting Traffic for Multiple Campaigns to set the Frequency field for each Campaign.

To edit the Frequency for an existing Campaign:

  1. Select Campaigns, select a Status, select the Campaign you want to edit. SiteSpect displays the Campaign page.

  2. Open the General tab. The Frequency field is located on the right side of the tab.

    Specifying Frequency for a Campaign

  3. Enter a Frequency. You can calculate the value for the Frequency yourself using the instructions in Adjusting Traffic for Multiple Campaigns but we recommend that you use the Frequency Calculator. Valid values range from 1 to 100. The default is 100.
  4. Click Save.