SiteSpect Engine API (Mobile App)

The SiteSpect Engine API enables testing, personalization, and optimization with API calls from your application on a web server, browser, or mobile device. It allows you to communicate directly with the SiteSpect engines by:

  • requesting Assignment and Campaign data using a GET call
  • sending visitor behavior data with a POST call

All communication takes place over HTTP with SSL.

Enabling the Feature

To enable the Engine API feature:

  1. Select ManageConfigurationSite Settings, then Features.

  2. Select the Enable Engine API checkbox.

    SiteSpect Engine API Mobile App - Enabling the Feature

    If your domain is already routing through SiteSpect in a traditional reverse proxy implementation, enabling Engine API allows you to make API calls to your own domain using the path /__ssobj/api, like this: /

  3. If you’re using a custom domain, select Engine API Domain and enter your custom domain in the field that opens.

When you enable the Engine API feature, SiteSpect creates a new Set called Engine API. The following image shows the Campaign List page with the new Engine API Set.

SiteSpect Engine API Mobile App - Campaigns