Compatibility and external tools for Regular Expressions (regex) in SiteSpect

Compatibility and Behaviors

  • SiteSpect supports the use of Regular Expressions when specifying Search & Replace, Triggers, and Audiences
  • PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions)
  • By default, matches are case sensitive. Use parenthesis with a ?i like (?i) at the beginning of your statement to make it case insensitive. (?-i) turns it off but is not required.
  • Dot star (.*) will match all including newlines \r\n
  • \s will match spaces, tabs, and newlines
  • Most standard regular expressions work in SiteSpect. If using an
    additional tool for development, select Perl compatibility if available. Other settings: Case sensitive, Exact spacing, Dot matches line breaks, ^$ Don't match at line breaks, Numbered capture.\
  • Some regex tools: