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Preview API

The SiteSpect API includes the ability to preview and perform QA functions in a more programmatic and automated way. The Preview API allows you to preview multiple Variation Groups, which are important to Overlay Campaigns. This API informs the SiteSpect engines to take a specific action on an HTTP request. This means that it is part of the SiteSpect Engine APIs which do not require authentication. The API request is an actual request for a web page. Additional CGI and header parameters instruct SiteSpect engines to launch a preview and apply the required Variation Groups from multiple Campaigns.

You can use the CGI query parameter SS_PREVIEW_EXP where the value is any date in the future.

In addition, you can use the request header parameter X-SiteSpect-Preview where the value is a JSON structure with a single Variation Group ID or multiple Variation Group IDs.

For example, if you want to start a preview session on www.domain.com with Variation Group 2 and Variation Group 5, the http request looks like this:

The header looks like this:

X-SiteSpect-Preview: { "VG_IDs": [ "2", "5" ] }

The preview URL looks like this:


See Previewing for information on SiteSpect's Preview feature.