Offline Metrics

Track and view offline user actions in your SiteSpect campaign reports.

When your site's user journey results in actions that are completed outside a standard web visit, it can be hard to measure everything in one place. With SiteSpect's offline metric capabilities, you can send events from external systems to trigger metrics in SiteSpect so you can view and analyze the end-to-end journey directly in your campaign reports.

Here are some scenarios where offline metrics can be useful:

  • If your website includes a form for requesting more information, and your team follows up with individuals by phone to confirm the requests, tracking the validated submissions is critical. Offline metrics enable you to monitor not only the initial form submissions but also the qualified leads that result from the follow-up process.
  • Track the complete user experience for websites that offer in-person services, including reserving, scheduling appointments, and buying items for in-store pickup.
  • Similarly, you may want to track product returns, initiated days or weeks later, whether completed online or in person.
  • Monitor revenue generated from advertisements placed on your site.

Offline metrics use SiteSpect's Engine API to assign actions to individual users, such as tracking when User 123 collects their order in-store, or to a variation, like the daily ad revenue from each variation.

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