MVT Factor

An MVT Factor is the page element that you want to modify on an existing web page during a Campaign. It can be a button, a line of text, an image, or even an entire page. Use MVT Factors when you create an MVT Campaign.

Variations describe how you want to change the MVT Factor. If the MVT Factor is a button, the Variation may change the color of that button. If the MVT Factor is a line of text, the Variation may change the content of the text.

SiteSpect provides several different types of MVT Factors for use in your Campaigns:

  • Regular Factor – Uses Search and Replace to modify the content of the page.
  • Redirect Factor – Changes the URL requested by the user to a different URL.
  • Origin Factor – Specifies a value to signal to the origin web server (via cookie) which Variation to show the user. This Factor is available only when the Origin Experiments feature is enabled.
  • Client-Side Factor – Work on the client side to change the page using JavaScript and are not processed using the SiteSpect engine on the server side.