Metrics for Single-Page Applications (Client-Side)

There are a number of different ways that SiteSpect can evaluate Metrics. Among them are Server-Side and Client-Side Metrics. SiteSpect evaluates Server-Side Metrics when a page is loaded or reloaded. However, if you are deploying a Single-Page Application (SPA), Server-Side Metrics won’t work. You will need to use Client-Side Metrics if your website is a Single-Page Application (SPA) or does not use full page reloads.

Unlike traditional websites, sometimes referred to as Multi-Page Applications, in which each page view triggers a full reload of a web page, SPAs download all of a website's HTML on the first page view. Subsequent page views do not cause full page reloads. SiteSpect developed Client-Side Metrics to help you track page views in your SPA without having to write code.

Creating a Client-Side Metric

To create a Client-Side Metric, create a Metric as you normally would. When you get to the step where you select a Trigger, select from among the group of Triggers in the list under Client-Side: