Is it possible for a user to "jump" to another Variation Group?

Sites that utilize a unique customer ID on login have the ability to use OmniChannel to identify and move a user to their originally assigned Variation Group.

Short Answer: No, but it can look like that happened - read on.

What happens

Users visit your site either from another device or after clearing cookies (e.g. some users are setting their browser options to clear cookies on close). SiteSpect is designed to keep track of users so when they return to the site, we know that it is the same user coming back for another visit. SiteSpect will always keep users in the same Variation Group. However if the user visits your site from another device/browser, or after clearing cookies - SiteSpect treats that user as a new user.

How to address this condition

For sites that generate a unique ID or condition when a user logs in, OmniChannel can be used to:

  • Identify the user even if on a new device or browser
  • Put the user back into the same Variation Group that they were originally assigned to (if needed)

If there is a cookie generated that is unique to each user - use that cookie in the OmniChannel setup when activating the feature;
Note: Use assignment override if you want the user put back into the Variation Group immediately within the user's visit.

If there is not a suitable cookie, create one using a SiteSpect Global Variation with a small script. This is appropriate in a situation where the unique ID for a user might be available in a client side script variable or local storage.