Cloud Release Notes - 2023

January 26, 2023 (10.19.0)

New Features

  • New statistical calculation: Bonferroni p-value correction in the performance matrix (Beta release)
    • DEV-26196    Update reports to handle value capture metrics with Uniques and Totals turned off
    • DEV-25529    Make "SiteSpect IP Blocks for Customer Whitelisting" available in CP


  • DEV-24947    Add cache control response header for Engine API calls?
  • DEV-25391    Make ajax the default ard method when creating a new site
  • DEV-26016    Default site passthroughs interface - data migrate to turn on
  • DEV-26014    Iterate on p-value correction functionality
  • DEV-26122    Preview Pane: Add visual cue for counted status & fix existing ET preview bug
  • DEV-26181    Update control panel to link to new Integrations page
  • DEV-26119    Increase performance of users endpoint: extract BandwidthNotification from AdminUserPriv
  • DEV-25932    Engine API domain creation improvements
  • DEV-26114    Adjust confidence "dots" in the perf matrix to use adjusted p values
  • DEV-26142    IP Whitelist UI/UX enhancements

Bug Fixes

  • DEV-26240    SSO user cannot change user privileges
  • DEV-26195    Engine API metrics name mismatch
  • DEV-26190    Variation Group preview can break with new OmniChannel rules
  • DEV-26172    Hubspot API Deprecation - Update to new tech
  • DEV-26147    Updated tooltip & warning message for expired/disabled users accessing API
  • DEV-26103    Numeric value capture Event Track metric not working
  • DEV-25842    Prevent changing status of active VGs with OmniChannel enabled
  • DEV-26189    Fix omnichannel/