Cloud Release Notes - 2021

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April 29th 2021   (9.13.6_w18)

Enhancements & Fixes

  • DEV-25026 SSL mismatch console error during preview sessions
  • DEV-25060 Navigation: include link to "archived" campaigns
  • DEV-24954 Restyle TT2 Triggers
  • DEV-25027 VE metric naming can stop metrics from working
  • DEV-23761 VE: change image, then add css edit, image edit vanishes
  • DEV-24851 VE: Remove Deprecated Image Handling Functions
  • DEV-24850 Visual Editor won't load if Metric contains certain characters
  • DEV-25042 Metrics - VE created Event track parameter not getting decoded
  • DEV-24791 Update UX for making a metric a "Use in a Campaign Trigger or Audience to personalize the Campaign."
  • DEV-25034 Recommendations - get*TooltipContent code contains unclosed <span> tags
  • DEV-25032 Recommendations - Template Page - Make Cancel Button look consistent with other pages
  • DEV-25037 MVT builder - Variation Group status links don't maintain tab display
  • DEV-25030 A/B Builder - Fix "Visible Only to the Origin" ToolTip display
  • DEV-25031 Site List re-sorts for SA users
  • DEV-24994 Data Export: "View by Visit, Segment by User" not working
  • DEV-24829 Engine API visits being incomplete for reports
  • DEV-24940 Include SS.Util helpers in core.js
  • DEV-24744 Warn user if they remove a Segment from Top Segments, or delete a Segment, that is used in a Saved View
  • DEV-24294 Syntax Highlighting: Field Implementation - A/B Regular Find/Replace


April 17th 2021   (9.13.4_w16)

Enhancements & Fixes

  • DEV-24958 Bot Filtering - “Chrome-Lighthouse” added to passthrough list
  • DEV-24905 Client-Side Metrics - Enable lab feature for all users
  • DEV-24874 Recommendations - Unique Placement Identifier Warning
  • DEV-25003 Recommendations - Expose “insertedHTML” in SS.Recs.onAfterRecsDisplayCycle for click tracking purposes
  • DEV-24788 Disablement time threshold - Now configurable per site
  • DEV-25039 Recommendations - Fix for saving campaign after duplicating a variation
  • DEV-25028 2FA - Fix for “Cancel" instead of "Go Back" button
  • DEV-25014 Result Report - Fix for visualization 
  • DEV-24993 AB Builder - Fix for renamed Origin Variations in Control Group that get reverted to 'Template'
  • DEV-24985 Campaign History - Fix for date filter
  • DEV-24842 Campaign Preview - Fix for advanced preview settings overlay for campaigns with original turned off

April 1st 2021   (9.13.2_w14)

Enhancements & Fixes

  • DEV-23022 Two Factor Auth - Fix for SAs being asked for 2fa token on every log in
  • DEV-24779 AB Builder - All campaigns created in AB Builder will now be saved with "AB" type
  • DEV-24913 Recs - Make Option visible in mega new nav
  • DEV-25008 Product Recs - Fix for Recs Template not updating to Live Campaign
  • DEV-24898 Product Recs - Fix for warning when editing multiple VGs in product recs campaign
  • DEV-25004 Custom Variable - Fix for header preview issue
  • DEV-25001 Metric List - Update messaging after setting a personalization metric to inactive
  • DEV-24982 System Performance - Fix graphs
  • DEV-24849 Admin API - Fix for invalid data "inf"
  • DEV-24889 Origin Variations - Fix for unchecking ‘Visible only to the origin’ option
  • DEV-23085 MVT Builder - Fix for Start / End time error message

March 19th, 2021   (9.13.0_w12)

Enhancements & Fixes

  • DEV-24826 Geo Location - New WATTS Macro
  • DEV-24695 Troubleshooting - Bots per Variation Group and Bots per campaign data
  • DEV-24828 Triggers - New Entry Page Trigger
  • DEV-24752 Enabling Engine API in Site Settings does not create the required Engine API Campaign Set
  • DEV-24977 Data Export - Fix data export showing user switching VGs
  • DEV-24841 Permissions - Fix User with Campaign Auditor privileges unable to use Preview Settings to preview multiple campaigns

March 12th, 2021   (9.12.8_w11) 

Enhancements & Fixes

  • DEV-22698 Make zip codes/cities that don't have IP address mappings appear in audience options
  • DEV-24945 Bot Detection - Custom attribute added to bot detection code
  • DEV-23770 Visual Editor - Enable image replacement on "SVG" nodes
  • DEV-24918 Metric Has No Data documentation link update
  • DEV-24904 Client-Side Metrics - Make it a public lab
  • DEV-24588 Triggers - UX for clarifying what matches a URL Trigger
  • DEV-24578 RUM - New default template
  • DEV-24931 Preview Fix  - Browser is sometimes adding an extra equal sign to preview links
  • DEV-24902 Metrics Fix - Fix issue with copying a Custom Variable
  • DEV-24880 AB Builder Fix - Fix for Audiences used as Triggers
  • DEV-24879 Preview Fix - Fix preview error in console
  • DEV-24836 Calculations Fix - Fix for adding a smoothing Calculation to a campaign
  • DEV-24770 Performance Matrix Fix  - Fix for updating assignments when a report is double-loaded

February 25th, 2021   (9.12.6_w9)

New Features/Recommendations

  • DEV-24674 Expose unique identifier field in Variation for Metrics Creation

Enhancements & Fixes

  • DEV-24917 Enhancement: Reduce log life for log files that are pulled every 30 minutes
  • DEV-24910 Fix: "Select All" Metrics checkbox is inoperable when Outlier not enabled
  • DEV-24853 Fix: "Uncaught DOMException: The quota has been exceeded." error.
  • DEV-24628 Fix: Saved Default View with Segment that is no longer in Top Segments crashes Results report

February 12th, 2021   (9.12.4_w7)

Log Download Improvements

  • PO-7235 Make Apache workers that handle log download API requests exit gracefully when a request is over
  • DEV-24869 Restrict log download to a max number of hours (to be set as a ssconf variable)
  • DEV-24866 Update to handle stuck jobs

Enhancements & Fixes

  • DEV-24891 Custom attribute added to preview panel code
  • DEV-24751 Expand time window on Bandwidth page
  • DEV-24777 VIsual Editor - Fix for inserting whitespace with "text edit" on a button input

    February 6th, 2021   (9.12.2_w6)

    Enhancements & Fixes

    • DEV-23769 Visual Editor - Add support for SVG images
    • DEV-24778 Visual Editor - Fix for Add Image
    • DEV-24577 Traffic Configuration - Fix for LimitRequestFieldSize
    • DEV-24335 Client-Side Metrics - Case Insensitivity not working for Regular Expressions
    • DEV-24875 Search Results - Fix issue of showing one item per page
    • DEV-24857 Performance Matrix - Show percentages for Uniques
    • DEV-24805 Multi-file upload - Fix to disable upload button
    • DEV-24798 Site Features - Clean-up Behavioral Metric

    January 28th, 2021   (9.12.0_w5)

    New Features

    • DEV-24710, DEV-24708, DEV-24706 “Metric has no Data” alert

    Product Recs

    • DEV-24855 Killswitch - Fix for system-level page buttons.

    Enhancements & Fixes

    • DEV-24876 AB Builder - Origin Redirects - Fix for special characters 
    • DEV-24768 Auto-Optimization - Fix Modal UI
    • DEV-24758 Fix for log download

    January 22nd, 2021   (9.12.0_w4)

    (First 2021 Release)


    • Killswitch (Ability to turn off or pause Recommendations at the Site Level, or at the system level in a simple way.)
      • DEV-24800 Recs Killswitch - Build a system-level page for SiteSpect only use - this will enable users to see the Recs Killswitch status for all sites with Recommendations, flip it for individual sites, or push a global change
      • DEV-24845 Address kill switch case of new Recs campaign set to Active - Running
      • DEV-24569 Global recs shutoff
    • Feed Management Tools UX Iterations (Part of the initiative to help customers self-manage their product feed in SiteSpect) 
      • DEV-24731 Recs Feed Tools UX - Phase 2 (Iterations on feed scheduler, catalog browser, and feed ingestion)
    • Recs Improvements & Bug Fixes
      • DEV-24821 Make ssrecsdisplay handle object responses from the /recs/ endpoint
      • DEV-24785 Make Conditional Rules Fields with a Site Feature Toggle
      • DEV-24761 "Invalid Regular Expression" Errors on CSS Selector for Recs
      • DEV-24724 New recs variations in additional VGs don't get values except in the initial VG
      • DEV-24670 Improve recs digest performance
      • DEV-24667 JQMIGRATE error on Recs Template page
      • DEV-24441 EngineJS: Add a modifier to recs queries to cap the number of items that can be sent in an itemSet

    UX Improvements

    • Personalization Campaign Flow Improvements
      • DEV-24104 To simplify traffic management, the Personalization and Experiments Sets have been renamed to Overlay and Non-Overlay.
      • DEV-24103 Creating a new Personalization Campaign automatically turns off the Original Group.
      • DEV-24428 Creating a new Personalization Campaign will max out Campaign Expiration Values.
    • Encourage best practices for traffic split
      • DEV-24410 Messaging and UI tweaks around Variation Group traffic split in the AB Builder

    Enhancements & Fixes

    • DEV-24792 AB Builder - Improved UX for searching Metrics and Audiences by Tag
    • DEV-24589  MVT Builder - Allow users to write a hypothesis
    • DEV-24490 Ability for X-BenchmarkSiteSpect to add to Server-Timing response header
    • DEV-24720 x-debug-header - More decimal precision
    • DEV-24699 Campaign has no visit Alert - Messaging improvement
    • DEV-24542 Expose global variation disablement in AdminAPI
    • DEV-24605 Feature Enablement - Remove Origin variation types when the feature is not enabled
    • DEV-24799 AdminAPI - API returns "Inactive" for "Disabled" Site Variations
    • DEV-24797 Results Report - Hover on table partially hidden 
    • DEV-24767 Results Report - Custom Variable should not show up
    • DEV-24743 Results Report - Fix for colors for lines in chart not the same as in Time Trends
    • DEV-24754 Fix for Variation with Empty Find and replace regex slowing down evaluation time
    • DEV-24745 Fix for Results vs Performance Matrix showing different results
    • DEV-24686 History - Fix on for Visit Count entries
    • DEV-24736 AB Builder - Fix for URL Rewrite validation
    • DEV-24698 Campaign Set Detail Page - Fix for tooltip misaligned
    • DEV-24696 AB Builder - Fix for read-only permissions
    • DEV-24677 AB Builder - Fix typo for Promoting a Variation Group
    • DEV-24672 Performance Matrix - Fix for segmentation validation
    • DEV-24636 User History - Fix for SA users
    • DEV-24612 AdminAPI-  Fix for Global Variation redirect types
    • DEV-24607 AdminAPI - fix for "Allow Visited URL Audiences in Overlay Sets" setting
    • DEV-24499 Global Variation - Validation fix when changing admin URL parameters
    • DEV-24417 Architecture - Configure sleep after an engine is restarting
    • DEV-24291 Audiences - Fix midnight end times
    • DEV-24088 Client-Side Variations - Fix for variations applying but users not being counted
    • DEV-23809 MVT Builder - Fix for "All available metrics/criteria/factors" checkboxes
    • DEV-22926 UI - Fix to prevent modals from being dragged off-screen

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