Cloud Release Notes – 2020


October 2nd, 2020

Fixes and Improvements

  • DEV-24593 Additional Custom Variable issue with By User Reports
  • DEV-24523 global origin variation is disabling
  • DEV-24506 In VE some expire cookies are not getting the same site flag
  • DEV-24438 Issue with logging in after clicking "Log Out" in Firefox
  • DEV-24345 Fix Site Dropdown menu clickable area
  • DEV-24317 Fix Mouse Pointer issue in Preview Settings dialog
  • DEV-24061 In-Product Announcement modal has been pushed to the top (regression)
  • DEV-23955 No error warning when saving broken RegEx in IP Audience
  • DEV-24424 Recs: Correct typo in template_js comment
  • DEV-24572 GeoIP Update for October 2020

September 18, 2020

Fixes and Improvements

  • Engine API
    • DEV-24513 Engine API "Add Variation" Should Not Be Visible
    • DEV-24479 Custom Variable not working with Engine API
  • Outlier
    • DEV-24217 Calculation / Outlier - Option to toggle denominator used for average
    • DEV-24554 Fix variable declaration error from 24217
  • Product Recs
    • DEV-23937 RecsEngineJS: Support alternate middleware urls in recs libraries via recs config override
    • DEV-24548 Recs - Algorithim Input is getting overwritten by default for algo on campaign refresh
    • DEV-24547 Recs - OPTIONAL_RECS_BODY_PARAMETERS in ssrecsdisplay specifies blackListItems, but the field should actually be blacklistItems
  • Quick Wins and Bugs
    • DEV-24446 Custom variable is broken when used by a Calculation/Segment and the report is By User
    • DEV-24535 Adding Multiple CSS changes on client side variations has gone missing
    • DEV-24544 Ability to override PassThroughPathsAndURLs when in preview
    • DEV-24419 Create MS Edge Segment and Audience
    • DEV-24283 Performance Matrix: Default to Sorting Control Group on top row
    • DEV-24528 A/B Builder, Metric: Switching triggers types from page source has problems
    • DEV-24415 Bandwidth Report Limitation for Notification Feature
  • DEV-24552 Allow the control panel to use TLSv1.3 for domains
  • PO-6886 GeoIP Update for Sept 2020
  • DEV-24508 Error on Import_Part3_Dependencies:1450:3
  • DEV-24505 Remove any comparisons to campaignset "Name" field.
  • DEV-24491 Remove Migrate lib

August 27, 2020

Fixes and Improvements

  • DEV-24462 Performance Matrix By User Multi Segments Bad Data
  • DEV-24440 Results Report Hover Hidden/Truncated
  • DEV-24384 Collect Counting Data per VG Internally (Phase I)
  • DEV-24496 Jquery migrate warning from recent-view.js

August 20, 2020

New Features

  • AB Builder Variation Toolbar
    • DEV-23921 AB Builder Variation Toolbar
    • DEV-24485 Disable "Turn Off" button when only one VG is On.
  • Syntax Highlighting
    • DEV-24243 Syntax Highlighting: Language Selection Dropdown

Fixes and Improvements

  • DEV-24474 Event track metrics are firing even if there is no hit to it
  • DEV-24309 A/B Builder: Visitor Behavior Time Elapsed LIVR issue if shade remains closed
  • PO-6752 August 2020 GeoIP Update

August 13, 2020

Fixes and Improvements

  • DEV-24448 Remove Jquery BB, and make everyone use Jquery and the smallest migrate
  • DEV-24431 SA - Update defaults for SSLProtocol & SSLCipherSuites

Product Recs

  • DEV-24427 Tesla page to allow 1) viewing of review digest information for a given client's feed load 2) approving or 3) rejecting of feed

August 6, 2020

New Feature

  • Syntax Highlighting
    • DEV-24296 Syntax Highlighting: Field Implementation - Rule Builder
    • DEV-24295 Syntax Highlighting: Field Implementation - Client-Side

Fixes and Improvements

  • DEV-24437 List KPI as "KPI" when it is also a Default metric
  • DEV-24135 Improve support for IPv6 client addresses received from CDN
    • DEV-24455 Fix harness failure from 24135
  • PO-6752 August 2020 GeoIP Update

Product Recs

  • DEV-24365 A Rec Template can be deleted being associated to a Campaign
  • DEV-24292 Recs - Default Input for Shopping Cart is not always set Correctly
  • DEV-24269 Recs Rules editor browser console errors
  • DEV-24178 Recs Template "Order" not honored for new Recs Campaigns
  • DEV-24422 Recs - Warnings in clean_active_tables.log
  • DEV-24413 Recs: Event Capture: Don't send initial recs event call until second events call is made

July 30, 2020

Fixes and Improvements

  • DEV-24114 Results Report vs Perf Matrix Inconsistency
  • DEV-24437 List KPI as "KPI" when it is also a Default metric

Slow Preview

  • DEV-24281 Fix to actually delete preview variation groups

Product Recs

  • DEV-24269 Recs Rules editor browser console errors

July 23, 2020

Fixes and Improvements

  • DEV-24401 Add code to log migrate errors into admin_error_log
  • DEV-24361 Make July GeoIP Update
  • DEV-24314 Update Default Outlier Expressions to 3 Stddev
  • DEV-24284 Metric List Page - Add new column 'Default'
  • DEV-24142 Bandwidth page showing some months twice
  • DEV-23916 Verify that VisitCount and Guid notes only contain numbers
  • DEV-24406 Jquery 3: Fix errors found from: QA entire site with jquery_upgrade Beta on (DEV-24343)
  • DEV-24343 QA entire site with jquery_upgrade Beta on

Product Recs

  • DEV-24320 The Cancel button on Rec Template Creation/Details doesn't have any action
  • DEV-24395 Recs: Prevent {} or lack of response from middleware from causing js errors
  • DEV-24387 Recs: RecsDisplay needs onError/Fail and onNoResults handling, both default and overrides
  • DEV-24369 Recs: Allow all RecsInput getters to send item or itemSet depending on the query and coerce to item based on a configureable default.

July 17th

Fixes and Improvements

  • DEV-24405 Same Site Attribute missing from TFA cookie
  • DEV-24308 Fix Preview Options/Settings line spacing


  • DEV-24399 DNS logging prep for
  • DEV-24366 Bypass Monitoring not compatible with Akamai (permanent fix)

July 7th

Fixes and Improvements

  • DEV-24373 Results Report - % Change of Custom Value Chart
  • DEV-24282 Show Campaign Status on all Campaign Pages
  • DEV-24338 Samesite Cookie Attribute Changes
  • DEV-24312 Handle ip address of
  • DEV-24339 Single Tenant - crontab causing frequent emails to be generated
  • DEV-23929 Ability to use RDS service in AWS with a SiteSpect cluster

July 3rd, 2020

Fixes and Improvements

  • DEV-24275 Data Export Page User/Visits Count UI Issue

June 19, 2020

Fixes and Improvements

  • DEV-24310 Change Admin1 Link to point to Hubspot knowledge base.
  • DEV-24106 Allow a user to choose to exclude or include audience triggers.
  • DEV-23924 Site Variations shouldn't start by changing a status to active, they should do that at the end
  • DEV-24273 Syntax Highlighting: Create New Dropdown Style
  • DEV-24270 GeoIP Update for June 2020
  • DEV-24247 Create alerting capability in Hubspot that exists in today
  • DEV-24210 Failure to Update "Live" Rec Template Messaging
  • DEV-23725 Update SiteSpect::Admin::DataFunctions::Event::Event_List_ByObject

June 12, 2020

Fixes and Improvements

  • DEV-24289 Remove the ability to change variation group in preview & debounce the "preview" button
  • DEV-24198 Metrics list double-sorting
  • DEV-24148 PO - ability to replace a VIPs from
  • DEV-24089 If client forgets to assign site privileges to new users, the user is not visible to them

June 5th, 2020

Fixes and Improvements

  • DEV-24271 DataStorage page is crashing
  • DEV-24267 Fix for custom functions in CSF.js
  • DEV-24238 PO - fails if /opt/sitespect/etc/ran_migration_data is a 0 byte file
  • DEV-24195 Visited URL Audience Concurrency - follow-up tasks
  • DEV-24182 Bug with saving Count on initial campaign creation
  • DEV-24165 Item is not defined console error when previewing Client-Side Variations
  • DEV-24111 Site List Is Still Double Sorting (Take 3)
  • DEV-24098 Domain "type" dropdown not re-populated when a Domain fails saving
  • DEV-23958 Send email to inform users that their account has been disabled/expired when they request password reset

Product Recommendations

  • DEV-24209 Fix Recommendations Template permissions for non-SA users
  • DEV-24167 RecsCore: Previewing with a broken expert mode rule causes preview window to open and immediately close

May 22, 2020

Fixes and Improvements

  • DEV-24133 GeoIP update for 9.9.4_w21 2020-Q2 GA release
  • DEV-24087 Update Campaign Builder permission to allow editing of Active Campaign Variations
  • DEV-24190 URL Rewrite not being placed in an origin set
  • DEV-23993 Improve the styling of VE "Insecure Content" Messaging
  • DEV-23779 Handle "Concurrent Assignment" with in visit


  • DEV-24192 [section] substitute REVID and friends in Const module
  • DEV-24168 [section] [Monit] tune Monit service definitions to ensure actionability. Task

Product Recs:

  • DEV-24177 Recs Campaign Rules Builder bugs
  • DEV-24136 RecsCore: Create a Tesla page to allow viewing of a cluster_id
  • DEV-24134 ssrecsdisplay Defensive Coding
  • DEV-24128 RecsCore: update admin CP to use :config_id in recs_api requests
  • DEV-24127 RecsCore: update ssrecscapture/display to use :config_id field in recs_url parsing and pull cluster id in from ssconf to library

May 15, 2020

Fixes and Improvements

  • DEV-24157 Previewing Intermittently but consistently is broken
  • DEV-24090 Campaign Managers cannot upload files
  • DEV-24063 CSM type Metrics that Count do not trigger asmt_update
  • DEV-24151 Ability to configure a connect timeout for mod_proxy
  • DEV-24078 API should not allow Site Variation to be scheduled without a start time
  • DEV-23987 account expiration email - bad HTML

Product Recs

  • DEV-24153 RecsCore: Modify template_js handling so that we expose more data to the template_js, including response data
  • DEV-24137 RecsCore: make admin push cluster_id and recommendations_api_server_address
  • DEV-24119 ssrecsdisplay: Support Rules Data Getters Returning Array Properties


  • DEV-24162 SSO Cloud: Fix Failing Harness Tests
  • DEV-24038 SSO Cloud: Extend SamlJWT to support Okta SSO Domain Implementation
  • DEV-24037 SSO Cloud: Service Provider Type Field UX - SSODomain_One
  • DEV-24035 SSO Cloud: Show Multiple Login Methods in AdminUser_One

May 1st, 2020

Fixes and Improvements

  • DEV-24107 SNHU geolocation not working correctly
  • DEV-24100 Swedbank - SSO: Support custom priv group mapping to SiteSpect priv groups

April 24, 2020

Fixes and Improvements

  • DEV-24083 Add SS.Recs.onAfterRecsRequest to support alternative use of recs results
  • DEV-24052 Change to user interface of recscapture library for where to send events
  • DEV-24070 All sites show as "live" when creating a new user
  • DEV-24055 API users with Campaign Administrator permission not able to update site variations
  • DEV-24051 output of X-SiteSpect-Debug should include alternate origins
  • DEV-24032 when clicking on Preview button, subsequent Engine API response returns incomplete JSON
  • DEV-23975 SA users can't see their own system privileges if "MU" unchecked
  • DEV-23961 No longer require a value in the "parameter value" Trigger
  • DEV-23849 Add sitespect-metrics-info header for regular Metric calls

April 17, 2020

UX Improvements

  • URL Rewrite Variation Type
  • Value Capture UX Update

Fixes and Improvements

  • DEV-24050 Incorrect error message in Site Settings ("Name & Status" instead of "General") Documentation
  • DEV-23990 SSL Administrator can view other site certificates
  • DEV-23983 Date Picker: cannot clear date
  • DEV-23976 Priority help in A/B builder
  • DEV-23892 PM Segmentation By User Incorrect
  • DEV-23756 UI For URL Rewrite
  • DEV-23675 Update Pass-Through Request Headers (case-insensitive) tooltip
  • DEV-23600 KPI not displaying correctly on Campaigns page.
  • DEV-23493 Value Capture UX Update

April 8, 2020

New Feature

  • Outlier fix
  • Visited URL support in Overlay

Fixes and Improvements

  • Preview Panel fix
  • Alternate origin trigger count fix
  • Entry page reported as /__ssobj/api fix
  •  user with MU rights cannot reset passwords
  • Site Variations are imported as Active
  • LDAP requests
  • HTTPS requests always handled by default VirtualHost
  • Add support for Brotli compression
  • changing the HTTP request method from POST to GET

March 13, 2020

Fixes and Improvements

  • DEV-23992 Remove "learn more" link from new VE "insecure content" message
  • DEV-23973 Section - static ServerAlias for all vhosts
  • DEV-23962 B&H - Data Export Apply button Broken
  • DEV-23954 Teleflora: user with MU rights cannot reset passwords

February 21, 2020

  • DEV-23944 Fix Quirks Mode on TestCampaign_OverlayList
  • DEV-23940 Search still has reference to the Better Beta
  • DEV-23922 Results: Metric data point options (arrow dropdown) not working
  • DEV-23914 Fix Quirks Mode on certain pages (jquery update)
  • DEV-23869 VE - Update Screenshots instructing users how to allow scripts
  • DEV-23860 Close modals with esc key
  • DEV-23698 Make "no script tag" versions of the CSF tokens

February 13, 2020

Fixes and Improvements

  • DEV-23905 Silent error upon save attempt when no KPI or Assigned Metric
  • DEV-23903 JQuery-UX issues in VE dialogs
  • DEV-23800 Republic Services, DNB - Improve Preview UX for Campaign Auditors
  • DEV-23746 Update Receptive -> Pendo profile checkbox and tooltip Documentation

February 7, 2020

New Features

  • INTERNAL Outlier under Labs
  • INTERNAL Go live for Recs Events production endpoint

Fixes and Improvements

  • DEV-23895 Segment logic has changed
  • DEV-23889 Clicking "Apply" in A/B History Objects or Users modal causes history to be launched in new tab
  • DEV-23891 Delete/Reset API Key modal X is ugly
  • Recs Rules Builder Fixes
  • DEV-23841 Set In-site Referrer Check to "disabled" by default
  • DEV-23802 Download Campaign List - not all campaigns downloaded
  • DEV-23783 Fix double-sorting of Site_List
  • DEV-23744 UI error on Site delete (Enforce Sunsetting Site Name in favor of Customer Name + Domain)
  • DEV-23731 Site History page - object type "DNS" missing from available filters

January 2020

New Features

  • Product Recs - Rules Editor
  • You can now create Triggers from Time and Mobile Audiences.
  • Akamai DNS - DNS refactoring

Fixes and Improvements - w4

  • DEV-23836 Adds a checkbox to enable the Outlier feature.
  • DEV-23772 Extends Site Metrics in the API to include more options.

Fixes and Improvements - w3

  • DEV-23822 Adds support for non-HTML content in debug mode.
  • DEV-23821 Fixes issues with the date range picker  in MVT Campaigns, Global Variations, Data Sets, and all History pages.
  • DEV-23811 Hides the URL in the Original Variation Group of the AB Campaign page.
  • DEV-23745 Fixes an issue in which some Visual Editor elements were not displaying on pages.
  • DEV-23739 Fixes an issue in which the Preview Panel was not displaying on some pages.
  • DEV-23791 Fixes an issue with the Visual Editor in which right-clicking the Element referenced the wrong element.
  • DEV-23771 Fixes an issue in which clicking on the Filter shade in History generated an empty browser tab.
  • DEV-23767 Updates the  Pass-Through Request Headers tooltip.
  • DEV-23766 Raises the number of concurrent API users.
  • DEV-23760 Fixes an issue in which a Top Segments Metric appears twice in the Metric list when you select a new Metric.
  • DEV-23715 Fixes an issue in which UTF-8 characters were causing problems in Implementation Notes.
  • DEV-23712 Fixes the display of Campaign Triggers. 
  • DEV-23704 Fixes an issue with secret answers being stored unencrypted.
  • DEV-23700 Fixes an issue that broke Campaigns when deleting the Original Variation Group.
  • DEV-23682 Fixes the 2FA Next button when the user is entering a Verification Code.
  • DEV-23570 Fixes a problem with the Metric List not sorting the Avg Hits/Visits Column.
  • DEV-23557 Fixes an issue with Value Captures rounding in calculations.
  • DEV-23287 Adds the disablement feature to Origin Redirects.
  • DEV-23090 Fixes an issue with turned off Variations displaying as ON in the MVT Builder.
  • DEV-22976 Fixes a display issue with selected Top Segments on the Segment List.
  • DEV-22859 Completely removes the Product Tour.
  • DEV-22839 Fixes a problem in which disabling a Campaign’s Control group with only two groups didn’t automatically make the other group the Control.
  • DEV-22821 Fixes an issue in which reports  include Start or End Dates when the time was not specified.
  • DEV-22569 Adds a Description Field to Global Variations.
  • DEV-20270 Fixes the Clear Segments link for Top Segments on the Performance Matrix.