Cloud Release Notes – 2020

January 24, 2020

Fixes and Improvements

Item Description
DEV-23836 Adds a checkbox to enable the Outlier feature.
DEV-23772 Extends Site Metrics in the API to include more options.
DEV-23822 Adds support for non-HTML content in debug mode.
DEV-23821 Fixes issues with the date range picker in MVT Campaigns, Global Variations, Data Sets, and all History pages.
DEV-23811 Hides the URL in the Original Variation Group of the AB Campaign page.
DEV-23745 Fixes an issue in which some Visual Editor elements were not displaying on pages.
DEV-23739 Fixes an issue in which the Preview Panel was not displaying on some pages.
DEV-23791 Fixes an issue with the Visual Editor in which right-clicking the Element referenced the wrong element.
DEV-23771 Fixes an issue in which clicking on the Filter shade in History generated an empty browser tab.
DEV-23767 Updates the  Pass-Through Request Headers tooltip.
DEV-23766 Raises the number of concurrent API users.
DEV-23760 Fixes an issue in which a Top Segments Metric appears twice in the Metric list when you select a new Metric.
DEV-23715 Fixes an issue in which UTF-8 characters were causing problems in Implementation Notes.
DEV-23712 Fixes the display of Campaign Triggers.
DEV-23704 Fixes an issue with secret answers being stored unencrypted.
DEV-23700 Fixes an issue that broke Campaigns when deleting the Original Variation Group.
DEV-23682 Fixes the 2FA Next button when the user is entering a Verification Code.
DEV-23570 Fixes a problem with the Metric List not sorting the Avg Hits/Visits Column.
DEV-23557 Fixes an issue with Value Captures rounding in calculations.
DEV-23287 Adds the disablement feature to Origin Redirects.
DEV-23090 Fixes an issue with turned off Variations displaying as ON in the MVT Builder.
DEV-22976 Fixes a display issue with selected Top Segments on the Segment List.
DEV-22859 Completely removes the Product Tour.
DEV-22839 Fixes a problem in which disabling a Campaign’s Control group with only two groups didn’t automatically make the other group the Control.
DEV-22821 Fixes an issue in which reports  include Start or End Dates when the time was not specified.
DEV-22569 Adds a Description Field to Global Variations.
DEV-20270 Fixes the Clear Segments link for Top Segments on the Performance Matrix.