Audience to match when no Referrer URL

It might not be immediately apparent how to create an audience that assigns users when there is no Referrer header

The challenge is that the browser does not send a Referrer header when there is not a Referrer URL. So any attempt to match on the Referrer header won't work since it is not present.

However since SiteSpect supports inverse logic with Audiences using Exclude, we have some options:

  • Create a new Audience that is of the type "Referring URL"
  • Put a single dot in the Referring URL match field (this is regex for any character)
  • Then add that Audience to to your Campaign as an Exclude Audience

Since it is the inverse of the match, only users who do not have a Referrer URL (on their first request of the their visit) will be assigned.

Now let's say you want a more complex set of logic. In this example use case we only want users to be assigned if the are new users (no Referral URL) OR were directed from,, We can use the same approach with a regex like:


Since having this Audience in the Exclude section, the inverse will be true. Only assign if there is any (OR):

  • No Referrer URL
  • Referrer URL contains
  • Referrer URL contains
  • Referrer URL contains