Advanced Settings for Campaigns

The Advanced Settings dialog for Campaigns allows you to make some detailed settings that go beyond requirements of common Campaign creation. The Advanced Settings dialog is available from the three dot menu on the top right side of the Campaign page. Click the three dot menu and select Advanced Settings.

Advanced Settings for Campaigns


Priority is the order in which visitors are considered for assignment to your active Campaigns. When assigning a visitor to a Campaign, SiteSpect attempts to assign the visitor to the Campaign they are eligible for with the lowest Priority. Priority numbers range from one through nine, for all Campaign types except for Origin Experiments.

For example, a visitor is evaluated first for Priority 1 Campaigns. If the visitor is not eligible for any Priority 1 Campaign, then they are evaluated for Priority 2 Campaigns, and so on. By default, Campaigns (except for Origin Experiments Campaigns) are set to 5. If you want a particular Campaign to have more assignments, set it to 4.

In general, Campaigns with Audiences should have a lower Priority than those without Audiences. This allows SiteSpect to first evaluate visitors for Campaigns that have Audiences. Visitors who are not eligible then spill over to higher priority Campaigns that may be all-inclusive (i.e., have no Audiences).

Priority works the same way for Origin Experiments Campaigns, except that the range of Priorities is from negative nine to negative one (-9 to -1). Campaigns that have a -9 Priority are assigned visitors first; Campaigns that have a -1 Priority are assigned visitors last.

Assignment Expires After

The settings in this group allow you to specify when a visitor's assignment to this Campaign expires. When the visitor expires, he/she can still use your website; the difference is that the visitor won't be assigned to this Campaign. He/she becomes eligible for inclusion in other Campaigns.

Read more about Assignment Expiration considerations and use cases.


Use the Visits field to enter a specific number of Visits after which the visitor expires from the Campaign. For example, let's say that you want to limit each visitor's assignment to the Campaign to 10 visits. After that, you want the visitor bumped out of the Campaign. This allows you to limit the number of visits each makes has during assignment to the Campaign. The default is 15 visits.


Use the Duration field to enter a specific period of time after which the visitor expires from the Campaign, regardless of the number of visits. For example, let's say that you want each visitor to be part of the Campaign for 60 days. Enter 60 in the Duration field and select Days from the drop-down next to it. This tells SiteSpect to expire the visitor's assignment to this Campaign after 60 days. The default is 30 days.

Previous Visit Gap

Specifies that the visitor expires from the Campaign when the amount of time since his or her last visit is greater than this amount. The default is 30 days.

Enable for Engine API or Mobile SDK

Makes the Campaign available to the Engine API or to the Mobile SDK.


Select Enable to turn on OmniChannel for the current Campaign. For more information on OmniChannel, see What is OmniChannel.