What is SiteSpect?

SiteSpect is a customer experience testing, personalization and optimization platform that tests strategic changes to your website, mobile, and other digital applications.

We leverage the power of personalization, omni-channel experiences, A/B and multivariate testing to measure the impact of changes to your bottom line. We do this by routing some (or all) of your traffic through SiteSpect.

When a user visits your website, the user starts by typing your domain name, which initiates an HTTP request to your web server. The web server returns content, which is loaded into a browser, where the user navigates your website.
When you use SiteSpect, it sits between your users and your server. When the user makes the same request, traffic routes through SiteSpect, which manages the request and response between the web server and the browser. This powerful architecture allows SiteSpect to support multiple optimization techniques including client-side, server-side, redirects, and single page application optimization.

How Does SiteSpect Work


Optimization For All Your Needs

SiteSpect optimizes the entire user experience from client-side look and feel to server-side functionality while centrally managing across channels, business units, and product lines. SiteSpect’s elegant architecture sits in the flow of your digital traffic providing full visibility of requests and responses, allowing for a real-time impact on your business. SiteSpect offers unprecedented site performance, scalability, data integrity, security and the ability to optimize every part of the customer journey.