What is a Metric?

Metrics define user actions that you want to measure. Metrics help you learn if the changes you are testing affect behavior.

Let's say, for example, that you make a change to your website: you change an image, change the color or a button, or move the content around on the page. These changes are meant to affect how users behave. How do you learn if your changes affect behavior? You design a Metric.

The Metric identifies a goal of some kind. For example, if your goal is to know if your change made the user arrive at the Checkout Page, you design a Metric that counts hits to the Checkout Page. The Metric tells you how many visitors who saw the change landed on the Checkout Page.

SiteSpect contains the following built-in triggers to define Metrics:


triggers example

You can also create custom Metrics to capture numerical or meta data using custom variables or to suit your specific requirements.