What happens if SiteSpect servers go down or there is a connectivity issue?

SiteSpect is always monitoring connectivity, processing, and database performance. If at any time our system determines that one of those factors is beyond an acceptable threshold level, it fails over all traffic to the customer’s origin servers.

We do this so that the flow of traffic is not affected. The session is automatically sent directly to your servers; we take SiteSpect out of the traffic flow. At these fail-over times, all traffic sees the control page and we do not count such visits in reports.

The fail over process is automatic. The SiteSpect system automatically checks the connectivity, processing, and database and cancels fail-over when the systems are back to an acceptable level.

You can request that we fail-over your system manually. If you would like to request manual fail-over, contact the Help Desk at helpdesk@sitespect.com or +1-844-859-1900.