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Using Tags in the Campaign Builder

Tags help you organize your Campaigns. You can define and assign new Tags or select from a list of preexisting ones. You can assign as many Tags to a Campaign as you like.

Adding Tags to a Campaign

To add a Tag to a Campaign:

  1. Begin typing in the Tags field. A list of matching Tags appears in a pop-up. As you type, the list of Tags narrows.
  2. If the Tag already exists, select it from the list.
  3. If the Tag does not exist, a plus sign ("+") and the word Add appear to the left of the Tag. To add the Tag, click the "+" sign, or just press Enter.

To remove a Tag after you have assigned it to the Campaign, click the x for that Tag.

Using Tags NBF


Make your Tags as specific or general as you like. You may assign the Tag product to a Campaign designed to test product pages, or, say, gardentools if a Campaign tests pages for that category of products. If a Campaign tests Variations on mobile devices, you might assign the Tag mobile. The bottom line is create Tags that work for you.