Using Bypass Controls (On-Premise Implementation)

Note: These instructions apply only to on-premise implementations; they do not apply to SiteSpect Cloud. In addition, they require admin-level privileges. Contact an admin in your organization or contact the SiteSpect Help Desk at or +1-844-859-1900.

Bypass Mode is a safety feature that removes SiteSpect from the traffic flowing to your origin. It does not affect the visitor’s ability to navigate your website. There are two ways that SiteSpect can go into Bypass Mode:

  • SiteSpect transitions to Bypass Mode automatically when it senses specific types of activity.
  • You can put SiteSpect into Bypass Mode manually.

Automatic Bypass Mode

SiteSpect performs frequent health checks to determine if there are any traffic issues such as:

  • inconsistent visitor experience and invalid test results
  • routing issues between the SiteSpect Cloud and your origin
  • issues with your origin abnormally maintaining open connections with SiteSpect

If an issue is detected, SiteSpect automatically activates Bypass Mode.

When SiteSpect transitions to Bypass Mode automatically, any traffic that is already in the SiteSpect funnel continues to be tested. However, new visitor requests flow around SiteSpect as if it does not exist and these new visitors are not included in any tests.

In Bypass Mode, the DNS record that normally points traffic to the SiteSpect Cloud instead points traffic to your origin. The DNS record has a TTL (time to live) of 60 seconds so this process may take three to five minutes to fully propagate across the internet.

Removing Bypass Mode restores traffic through SiteSpect. Our systems are designed to restore traffic only after four minutes of successful health checks. It may take seven to nine minutes to propagate a restoration of traffic across the internet.

Manual Bypass Mode

When necessary, you can manually initiate Bypass Mode, which temporarily removes SiteSpect from the testing path and ensures that new traffic flows without passing through SiteSpect. This process takes time as existing traffic is migrated to the alternate path.

Note: Changing this setting disrupts testing. Make sure you are authorized to change modes.

To use SiteSpect's Bypass Controls:

  1. Select SiteConfiguration, and Site Settings.
  2. Click Bypass Controls.

    Using Bypass Controls - Site Name

    The Bypass window opens containing the following controls.

    Using Bypass Controls - Bypass Window
  3. Select one of the Bypass controls using one of the following three buttons:

    • Initiate Bypass – Puts SiteSpect into Bypass Mode. New visitors will not be tested.
    • Remove Bypass – Takes SiteSpect out of Bypass Mode. New visitors will be considered for testing.
    • No Changes – Dismisses the Bypass Mode page and returns you to the previous tab.