URL Triggers

URL Triggers allow you to specify a URL to match. To create a URL Trigger, select URL from the Triggers drop-down:

URL Triggers - When to Change

When you select URL, SiteSpect offers several different options as shown in the following image:

URL Triggers - When to Change II

Matching Options

The entire list of URL Trigger options looks like this:

  • Contains
  • Does not contain
  • Starts with
  • Does not start with
  • Ends with
  • Does not end with
  • Exactly
  • Does not match exactly
  • Regex
  • Does not match regex

Entering a URL

When you enter a URL, do not include the domain name. For example, to match the URL:




To match multiple URLs, use the regex alternator (|) operator between each URL path:


If the homepage is accessible through / as well as /index.html, use both URLs by using a pattern such as:


For the best regex performance when matching URLs, begin the pattern with the regex left anchor (^) operator and a forward slash (/) whenever possible.