Tracking JavaScript Errors

A feature in Site Settings called Enable JS Error Tracking gives SiteSpect visibility into JavaScript errors on the page. When enabled, it tracks the count of JavaScript errors in Campaigns to show if any Variation Groups are generating more errors than the Control.

To turn on JS Error Tracking:

  1. Select SiteConfigurationSite SettingsFeatures.
  2. Select Enable JS Error Tracking.

    Tracking JavaScript Errors

When you turn on JS Error Tracking:

  • SiteSpect creates a Site Variation that reports on JavaScript errors (requires EventTrack core.js library to be already on the page) using a new EventTrack SS.Debug.trackJSErrors() method.
  • The Site Variation is set to Active with a sample rate of 10%.
  • SiteSpect creates a Metric called JS Error Tracking that is automatically added to new Campaigns and stores the data from the EventTrack call.