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SiteSpect Monitoring


What options are available for us to monitor our site traffic? What steps can we take ourselves in the event of a problem?

SiteSpect provides benchmarking and log visualization tools to help you see the affect of SiteSpect on your traffic in aggregate as well as for particular requests. Kibana-like log visualization tools allow you to query and drill down into two weeks of log history from within the SiteSpect interface. Refer to Site Performance for more information. SiteSpect allows you to export more detailed logs as your needs require.

What options are available to control our site traffic?

When you use a CDN, you have an additional level of control over your traffic: whether to send some, all, or none of your traffic through SiteSpect, which can be useful for additional diagnostics and maintenance.

At all times you have complete control over your traffic. You can disable Campaigns, Variations, and site changes in the SiteSpect user interface. If an event affects traffic within SiteSpect, you can ask a System Admin to put your site into Bypass Mode, which routes all traffic away from SiteSpect and directly to your site. The authorized contact for your site can call the SiteSpect 24/7 support line to place your site into Bypass.

How do we see how many bot visits are traveling through SiteSpect?

You can check bot visits in the SiteSpect interface if you are a Campaign Administrator. Select SiteMonitoringTraffic, then look at Robot Activity.

How can we monitor SiteSpect Cloud status?

SiteSpect Cloud Status Page (http://status.sitespect.com) offers real time status and performance information for SiteSpect’s user interface and its Points of Presence. It also provides you with upcoming planned maintenance windows and updates on incidents that are in-progress. You can subscribe to this to receive notifications automatically via a variety of means including email, text message, RSS feed, webhook notifications, and so on.