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SiteSpect Maintenance


How do you maintain and update SSL certificates on our behalf for our sites that are routing through SiteSpect?

Users who have ssl uploader privilege will be able to upload the SSL, intermediate certificates and the private key. You must coordinate this work with the SiteSpect support and CDN provider.

To upload the files, login to SiteSpect, navigate to SiteConfigurationDomains and complete the following steps:

  1. Click the key icon to upload a certificate/key.

SiteSpect Maintenance - Domains

  1. Upload the private key, chain certs, and SSL certs and click Save.

SiteSpect Maintenance - Domain Upload SSL

If we’re making changes to our site, will we break our SiteSpect setup?

Most changes to your site will not break your SiteSpect setup. If you add, remove, or change existing pages or page content, SiteSpect continues to run normally. In some cases, SiteSpect may disable Variations or Site Changes that no longer appear applicable and notify the Administrators of those changes. Even in this event, your site continues to operate normally.

Significant site-redesign and re-architecture, especially those that affect your traffic flow, may potentially affect your SiteSpect deployment. Significant re-architecture includes:

  • Launching, modifying, or replacing your CDN.
  • Moving or re-IPing your data centers or web servers.
  • Deploying a new Security Layer such as traffic Whitelists or Blacklists.
  • Adding, removing, or changing your website domains.

In those cases, our Solutions Architects are available to recommend the best approach to update your SiteSpect configuration.

What ongoing resources do we need to maintain the SiteSpect environment?

For optimum performance and reliability, we ask that you identify the following contact types to work with SiteSpect business and technical resources.

  • Technical Contact is anyone whose role is to design, install, maintain, or support your SiteSpect environment. This is an individual who has responsibility to work with SiteSpect to configure and tune the SiteSpect implementation and who may receive monitoring and status communications.
  • Emergency Contact is someone who is available 24/7 during any emergency related to your SiteSpect environment in case we need to collaborate or notify you of an urgent circumstance. The Emergency Contact can also be a Technical Contact and an Authorized Contact or will have efficient access to them.
  • Authorized Contact is someone who is authorized to request that SiteSpect place your environment into Bypass Mode and approve new users’ access to SiteSpect.  
Note: When in Bypass Mode, no live traffic routes through SiteSpect. This prevents website visitors from accessing Campaigns in SiteSpect and also prevents the collection of data in SiteSpect.

How often do you update your Cloud? Will upgrades impact our website traffic or ability to use the product?

Different components of our cloud are updated on a weekly or monthly basis, with critical and security updates occurring more frequently as appropriate. The upgrade cycle is designed to be seamless and invisible to you, with new code being tested on a single system before entering wide use and traffic serving systems being upgraded in a rolling fashion by stripe group. You may notice an upgrades only by a change in the version number or an in-product announcement of new features. We maintain a SiteSpect Cloud Status page which notes any upcoming upgrades or service affecting events.