Report Settings

The top area of the Reports page displays a section for specifying report settings. This section of the page, the report header, is essentially the same, regardless of which report type is displayed.

The report header displays:

  • Report Title: Campaign Name and Report Type
  • View and Segment By Selections
  • Status
  • Segment Selections
  • Date Range Selections

Report Settings - Email Campaign Building

Campaign Name and Report Type

At the top of the report header SiteSpect displays the name of the Campaign. A blue bar below the report type name indicates the type of report currently displayed. The following image shows the name of the Campaign and the type of report:

Report Settings - Campaign Name and Report Type

Campaign and Report Type Selections

To view a report for a different Campaign:

  1. Click the double arrows along the left edge of the neft nav bar.
  2. Select a Status.
  3. Select the Campaign you want to report on.

To view a different type of report, select its tab.