Page Source Triggers

Use a Page Source Trigger to specify the content on the page you want to match. SiteSpect can match any content on a page, including HTML doctype, head, and body sections. Use this condition when multiple pages share the same URL or when content is not always present on a page.

For example, if each stage of the checkout process uses the same URL (e.g., /checkout.asp) but you want to match only the final stage that includes the page title "Confirm Order," use the following combination of Triggers:

URL Trigger set to:



Page Source Trigger set to:

<title>Confirm Order</title>

To match when the specified text is not found on a page, prefix the Page Source Trigger with an exclamation mark (!).

Note: This is not regex syntax. SiteSpect supports regex only in certain fields.

For example, to match pages that do not contain "Welcome back," use:

!Welcome back

For the best regex performance, use the Page Source Trigger in conjunction with the other Triggers. The Page Source Trigger is evaluated last and only if the other conditions successfully match.

Matching Options

Page Source Triggers allow the following matching options:

  • Contains
  • Does not contain
  • Starts with
  • Does not start with
  • Ends with
  • Does not end with
  • Exactly
  • Does not match exactly
  • Regex
  • Does not match regex