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Navigation Using the Visual Editor

SiteSpect's Visual Editor allows you to make many changes to your webpages to update its visual appearance. When making changes across your site it is possible to navigate to the pages you require  using several different approaches. It is important to recognize these since the default view for the Visual Editor is the edit mode and a right click in this mode will select elements on a page rather then navigate.


1) Open your site in SiteSpect's Visual Editor.

2) Navigate to the page(s) that contain the element you wish to modify using:


Go To Page:

Go To Page 2


Preview Mode:

Preview toggle


Right click 'Click Element':

Right Click - Click Element


Using the View Changes option in the header navigation can also help to locate specific changes on a variation group for you. Launching this list and then clicking the title of an element within the Change List will anchor your browser to that specific change so you can modify or delete it.

Change List