Mobile Device Detection

SiteSpect has replaced WURFL device detection with 51Degrees. We made this change to improve accuracy. This document includes frequently asked questions and responses about this change.

How does this affect current live Campaigns?

This change has no effect on pre-existing Campaigns (live, paused, archived, and so on). Any Campaign that existed before the upgrade continues to use WURFL for both assignment and reports.

How does this affect new Campaigns?

All new Campaigns use 51Degrees. You don’t need to do anything; the upgrade handles the switch.

Are there any additional new steps I have to take when using Audiences?

No. There are no additional new steps you have to take when using Audiences or mobile reporting segments.

Will ss_mobile and is_tablet work?

Yes. These will now work and are very accurate.

How accurate is new device detection?

Accuracy depends on specific criteria. For example, is_mobile and is_tablet will be very accurate compared to more complicated device criteria such as non-smartphones, specific screen size, etc.

Why is SiteSpect replacing WURFL?

We recognize how important device detection is to you and want to provide a solution that is very accurate and includes automatic updates so that our device detection remains current as new devices and browsers become available.

Can I migrate an existing Campaign to use 51Degrees?

No, there is no way to make an existing Campaign use the new device detection. Instead, create a new Campaign or clone an existing Campaign; it will automatically use the improved device detection.

Do any definitions of device criteria change between WURFL and 51Degrees?

In most cases, the definitions are the same. There is a slight difference in the way screen size is evaluated for tablets. WURFL assumes that tablets are in portrait mode while 51Degrees assumes that tablets are in landscape mode so the width and height are reversed specifically for tablets. For example, if you target tablets by screen size, WURFL defines iPad as 1024x768; 51Degrees defines iPad as 768x1024.

What else do I need to learn?