Live Variables

When you select Engine API from the Type drop-down while creating a Campaign, the Live Variables with JSON feature is available from the Campaign three-dot menu. You can use the Live Variables feature to enter code that is passed to your application for all users who are assigned to the Campaign. This allows you to specify variables (in JSON) that can be used in the application for users assigned to a Campaign.

For example, let's say you want to test different promo images that are hosted on the web. You can specify the image path as a variable, which you can change at anytime in SiteSpect.

To define a Live Variable:

  1. Select NewA/B Campaign.
  2. Name the Campaign.
  3. Select Engine API from the Type drop-down and select one of the Mobile options from the Set drop-down.
  4. Select Live Variables with JSON from the three-dot menu in the upper right area of the page.
  5. Use the Live Variables dialog to enter JSON code.
  6. Click Save. SiteSpect validates your entry when you click Save. If the code is not valid, SiteSpect displays a message telling you to enter valid code.

You can pass either a string/integer or an array of strings/integers to the application.