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Launching the Visual Editor

The Visual Editor is available from the Variations section of the A/B Campaign Builder. It allows you to edit pages in a WYSIWYG environment and make changes right on the page.

To launch the Visual Editor:

  1. Select NewA/B Campaign.
  2. Open the Variations section of the page.
  3. Select Visual Editor from the Edit Mode drop-down on the right side of the page.

Launching the Visual Editor - Edit Mode

The Variations section of the Campaign Builder changes to Visual Editor mode.

Launching the Visual Editor - Variations

Click Launch the Visual Editor. SiteSpect opens the Visual Editor.

Note: The Visual Editor opens in the same browser window as the SiteSpect application. This is different from SiteSpect's other preview functions that open a new window. If you click the close box in the upper right corner of the Visual Editor, you close your browser and SiteSpect.