How to Contact SiteSpect Support

This article will review business hours, the ways you can contact support as well as our standard SLAs.

Business Hours

Urgent or Priority 1 Issues: Phone lines manned 24 x 7 x 365.

Normal Business Hours: 4:00  - 20:00 Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, Except major Holidays

How to Contact SiteSpect Support

Always email your requests to

The Help Desk is managed by a team of people during normal business hours and is the best way to ensure we can promptly address your request. 

Support Phone Numbers:

For Urgent or Priority 1 incidents, always call and email our support team. 

In the event we are unable to answer your call, please leave a voicemail with your name, company name, contact number and a brief summary of why you are calling and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. 

North American Support Line: 1-844-859-1900

UK Support Line: +44 330 822 1715

Europe Support Line: +31 20 82 020 82

Australia Support Line: +61 2 7908 6920

Support Response Times SLA’s

If Customer reports errors in the System, SiteSpect will make its best efforts to provide an initial response within 15 minutes of receipt acknowledging the report by Customer.  Thereafter, SiteSpect will use diligent efforts to provide a resolution in accordance with the chart below.


Description of Condition

Examples specific to service

Priority 1 “Emergency”

Incident which negatively impacts the Customer's website visitor experience or the Customer’s ability to conduct business on its website.

  • Response time degradation
  • Customer website inaccessibility

Priority 2 “Campaign Prevention Bug”

A bug prevents the Customer from creating or launching a test or targeting campaign.

  • Unaccepted syntax
  • Inability to save a campaign element

Priority 3 “Nuisance Bug”

A bug which can be worked-around but creates a nuisance nonetheless.

  • Must refresh a page to expose content
  • Broken link

Technical Support Contact and Availability:

Actual Priority 

Hours of Availability

Contact Information

Priority 1 incident 

24 x 7 x 365, manned by human

Call the Support line listed above

Priority 2 incident

4:00 to 20:00 U.S. Eastern Time 

Email or call the support line

Priority 3 incident

4:00 to 20:00 U.S. Eastern Time 

Email or call the support line

Incident Resolution Time:

Actual Priority 

Expected resolution or workaround time

Priority 1 incident 

15 minutes to workaround, 1 business day to resolve

Priority 2 incident

2 business days to repair

Priority 3 incident

30 days to repair 


1. Feature or enhancement requests to the Program do not qualify as Priority 3 Nuisance Bugs. 

2. An acceptable workaround shall be for SiteSpect to instruct Customer to place the System into a Bypass state, understanding that this will NOT impact the Customer's visitor access or the Customer's ability to conduct business on its website.  The ability to attain such a state shall be verified as part of the implementation process.