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How SiteSpect Works

SiteSpect is a customer experience testing, personalization, and optimization platform used to make and test strategic changes to your website, mobile, and other digital applications.

SiteSpect differentiates itself from other solutions on the market that rely on tags or SDKs by leveraging the power of our reverse-proxy based SiteSpect engines. SiteSpect sees the full picture of the end user's visit, allow you to implement both client-side and server-side tests, at the same time.

Typically, when a visitor visits your website, they start by typing your domain name in their browser, which initiates an HTTP request to your site’s origin, typically a web server. The web server returns content, which is loaded into the visitor's browser, allowing them to view and navigate your website.

When you use SiteSpect, our engines sit in the flow of traffic between the end-user and your web server.  Now, when the visitor types your domain in their browser, the request is routed to a SiteSpect engine, which manages the visitor's request and the web server's response. SiteSpect performs content modifications, makes real-time routing decisions, and collects metrics inline, all based on tests that you design and run.

For example, SiteSpect may display a different color scheme, a variation of an Add-to-Cart button, or an updated Shopping Cart page. It may also route a percentage of traffic to a different web server that has your latest code release, allowing you to slowly roll out changes to all your visitors.  SiteSpect measures and collects visitor behavior data and how it impacts your bottom line. As one of the many added benefits, you can also use SiteSpect to promote winning variations to all visitors, taking the pressure off your team by giving them time to add these changes to your site's source code.

No matter the complexity of your tech stack or environment, there are a number of deployment options available with SiteSpect that provide optimal performance and flexibility, with single or multi-tenant options using the SiteSpect Cloud, SiteSpect Engine API, SiteSpect Edge CDN, Public Cloud deployment options (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, etc.) and various integration options with CDNs (Akamai, Cloudflare, Cloudfront, Fastly, etc.).