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How SiteSpect Works

SiteSpect is a customer experience testing, personalization, and optimization platform used to make and test strategic changes to your website, mobile, and other digital applications. We leverage the power of SiteSpect’s personalization, omnichannel experiences, A/B and multivariate testing to measure the impact of changes to your bottom line. We do this by routing some (or all) of your traffic through SiteSpect.

Under normal operation, when a visitor visits your website, the visitor starts by typing your domain name, which initiates an HTTP request to the site’s web server. The web server returns content, which is loaded into a browser, allowing the site visitor to navigate your website.

When you use SiteSpect, it sits between the visitor and your server.  When the visitor makes the same request, traffic routes through SiteSpect, which manages the request and response between the web server and the browser. SiteSpect performs content modifications and collects metrics inline, based on tests that you design and run. For example, SiteSpect may display a different color scheme, a variation of an Add-to-Cart button, or an updated Shopping Cart page.

When used with a CDN, requests to your website are routed through the CDN. The CDN in turn routes some or all of that traffic to SiteSpect based on settings you define. SiteSpect then proxies a request back to the CDN for content. The CDN responds back to SiteSpect with content. At this point SiteSpect takes measurements and makes dynamic modifications to the HTML based on rules designed by your SiteSpect users. This modified HTML is returned to the site visitor through the CDN. The site visitor’s browser then renders the appropriate content.

After SiteSpect displays the content to visitors, SiteSpect then measures how they react to those changes and collects data on how the changes affected visitor behavior.

SiteSpect uses load-balancing on the front end to ensure we are directing the visitor to the nearest SiteSpect Point of Presence. We have several instances in our current targeted geographies.